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Information on operator: is operated by Pratico Edition. The sales terms described above stand as a binding contract between the consumer and Pratico Edition. These terms can be revised and modified at any time by Pratico Edition.

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Pratico Edition

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Welcome in the world of Pratico Edition! 

As an independent publisher, we love to share exclusive content and everything we find interesting! Cooking, decoration, renovation, trends, health… those subjects fascinate us and, we hope, interest you just as much!

That’s why we would like for you to share your opinions and comments on our website and social media accounts. The more people participate, the more interesting the discussion will be.

However, we would like to remind you of certain principles to encourage a respectful and enjoyable environment.

  1. RESPECT – Anything can be said but not in any way. If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, you probably shouldn’t post it either.
  1. BE CAREFUL – Keep in mind that everything posted on the Web or social media is now public.  We suggest you be careful and avoid sharing personal information concerning yourself or anyone else.
  1. RELEVANCE – To make sure our discussions run smoothly, we ask you to stay pertinent in your exchanges. Therefore, any post considered as spam, comments judged irrelevant, publicity or promotional posts could be deleted, if necessary.
  1. ACCEPTANCE – Diversity makes the world so much more interesting! Diversity of opinion, cultural diversity, artistic diversity… We love diversity and welcome it with open arms! We invite you to do the same, because, as you might have guessed, we have no patience for intolerance.

Obviously, any post or comment that would interfere with those principles will be deleted without notice.

Everyone has a share of responsibility 

Individuals: each person is accountable for the statements they issue on Pratico Edition’s website or social media.

Employees: Pratico Edition’s employees who participate in their name to the discussions on the website or social media are accountable for their posts and comments. Pratico Edition cannot be held liable.

Third party content: Pratico Edition cannot be held liable for content shared on the website or social media by other people or companies.

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